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Beyond Bread and Butter: A Celebration of Sourdough is a fresh perspective on a bread cookbook. One that moves beyond the humble bread recipe and takes you on a journey, showcasing inspiring recipes for fresh and old bread that you've just made or purchased from your local artisan bakery.

As you progress through the book you'll understand the history and art of making real bread at home, the benefits of sourdough, how to get amazing results at home, what to look for when buying bread and most importantly, what to do with it when you have it, beyond bread and butter.

In this book, we offer a concise and easy to comprehend guide to creating a variety of delicious sourdoughs, and how you can best use it from the minute it comes out of the oven, through to when it becomes lovely, firm and stale. We want to show you how you can use the entire loaf, so no crumb goes to waste. No longer will you have an excuse to throw out any bread! 

Working in a commercial artisan bakery, we see how much bread is wasted on a daily basis, largely due to a lack of innovative recipes featuring old bread. We intend to address this issue by providing over 65 recipes using fresh and old bread in exciting and innovative ways.

We've structured Beyond Bread and Butter into three sections. The first explains 12 methods for making a variety of excellent sourdough at home. The second demonstrates brilliant ways to use fresh bread. Our third and most exciting section shows how to use old bread in innovative and exciting ways. Our recipes include varied dishes such as sourdough ice cream, sourdough pasta, and sourdough skordalia. 

These recipes range from the simple, through to the complex, and allow for any level of home cook to become successful in making these recipes, and of course, impressing friends and family. Each section increases in complexity as you progress, allowing you to build on the recipes you have learnt, and begin to experiment with your own variations.