Our story began with Jarrod, Justin, a tiny basement, and a crazy Russian in the winter of 2013.

Part of an ambitious project to build a 7 day bakery, restaurant, bar and events establishment in Canberra’s NewActon precinct, the vision for the bakery was to produce incredible sourdough (and pastries) using traditional long ferment techniques, house-milled flour, and local ingredients.

Our early days (like many small businesses starting out) were about working with what we had, which meant sharing our space and a tiny cool room with the Chefs, bartenders, events team, and the coffee crew. In the end, we had bread stuffed into every crevice of that cool room to the point where we couldn’t actually get in the door without first removing something.

It was time to look for a new home for our sourdough… Jarrod, armed with a credit card and a few bits of old equipment (and Justin), bid farewell to the restaurant business. Thanks to a few great mates, we moved the entire bakery out of the basement and across town to the airport in only one day so we didn’t leave our wholesale clients without bread.

The new venture needed a name. Three Mills Bakery was born out of a vision to work with three different grain suppliers to continue our quest for world class sourdough and pastry products. Fast forward a few years and our days of carrying products up and down from the basement and doing deliveries in the old Subaru are thankfully behind us!

After reflecting on our time in the basement, we had a chance to restart. To not only make incredible products, but to run a world class business. For us that means having a seriously great team culture and respecting our wholesale clients’ businesses. To put ourselves in their shoes (because we’ve been there before) and constantly ask questions like ‘What can we do to make this even better?’.

Today, with a bigger family of incredible people, we’ve stayed true to our concept of hand-formed products and artisan pastries. We love the hospitality, retail, and supply business and everything that comes with our craft - Our amazing customers, our wonderful crew, the retail experience, our partnerships and collaborations, suppliers, and the stories.

Most of all, we love making people’s day whether it’s helping a Chef out of a pickle, cheering up a regular with a coffee (and a high-five from Dave) or caring for a team member who needs a hand - We’re all in.

So where to from here… It’s anyone’s guess, but you will find us baking in the meantime!